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One pioneering church in the effort to make inclusive language more common has been St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Austin, TX. Here is an excerpt from a Q and A sheet that was created to help answer some common questions. You can see the whole thing on our “Resources” page. (see tab above)

In theology we are not really describing God, because God is beyond human words and comprehension. In theology, we are building a bridge to the sacred through our human images. In theology we are envisioning an ideal world where God’s will for each of us is fulfilled, so it is important not to limit God to a gender. In theology we are putting a face on the sacred. It is important not to say that some faces look more like God than others. Inclusive language for God and people is an important and tangible way to make us all aware of our sacredness. We encourage a constant conversation that increases our understanding of sexism and privilege and how universal love and justice can be lived out in our daily lives.

faces more like god