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Guest Post By April Coldsmith

We are all different. God created a diverse bunch. Physically, we all come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Emotionally, our demeanor and outlook, is equally diverse. In our lifetimes, we change constantly — never the same from moment to moment. Even at a cellular level, change is happening – fast.

So if we are created in God’s image, why do we portray the creator of the universe as static? Most people want a God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. They cling to a God who they believe can make all the fast changes stall around us as if our life is a storm and we must hold tight to the mast — the only way to survive. Nice image right? God the immovable when there is spinning all around.woman-climbing-mast

But what if we are supposed to let go of the mast to seek out God in the storm of pain, hunger, debasement, joy, happiness and suffering? What if God is not the mast but the change? God sure likes to create but with the immovable God, creation is done. It happened a long time ago. With a God who changes, creation is on-going and we are participants in it. God and us are not has been but becoming.

This article was originally posted on April Coldsmith’s blog “Me, Breaking In.” Go check it out!