Why GodisNotaGuy.com?


The purpose of this site the promotion of non-sexist theology. In a non-sexist theology, all references to God are genderless. (Some may argue that the word “god” denotes a male gender, but that’s another discussion.) I chose the title “GodisNotaGuy” because it’s catchy — I don’t think God should be thought of as female, either. Nor do I think balancing female and male pronouns is a good way to go. I do think, though, that much of the struggle for the use of non-sexist language is with the Patriarchy.

The Sacred is beyond human comprehension and language fails when attempting to describe it. Our language is symbolic and points beyond itself to a Ground of Being (Paul Tillich) that transcends our ideas and speech. We do the best we can, but before we speak about the Holy, we must understand that our references are incomplete and cannot be literal.

Those who support these concepts will still have a variety of beliefs, as will become clear by the discussions taking place here and elsewhere. I hope you will feel free to join the conversation, even if you don’t agree. If you would like to guest-post, shoot me an email and we’ll discuss it. Naturally, rude and stupid comments will not be made public, and yes, I get to be the judge.

About me: I’m David Marks, an artist/musician/writer living in Austin, Texas. Most recently I was music director at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, a unique, progressive church that I encourage you to check out. It was at St. Andrew’s that I first took seriously the active promotion of non-sexist language, rather than being content with mere intellectual assent.

If you agree, it is my hope that you, too, will become an evangelist for inclusive language. It is one of many causes that helps create peace, justice and safety in the world.