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I was following link after link, trail after trail, and stumbled upon a few quotes by Jann Aldredge-Clanton. Below them, I’ve placed a few links that may lead you on some of the trails I found. Travelers beware.

“Our words and images for the Divine carry great power to shape belief and actions for justice and peace.”

“Words and visual symbols have great power in that they constitute our world and beliefs. Societies construct their views of reality in language and symbols. The language and symbols we use for the Divine reflect and shape our deepest values. If all our names and images for the Divine are male and white, then we are giving greatest value to white males and devaluing all others. This devaluation lays the foundation for worldwide violence against women and girls and for racially motivated violence and violence against LGBTQ persons and others in devalued groups. People who are not given sacred value are excluded, marginalized, and discriminated against in the workplace and in faith communities.”

New Wineskins Communitywords have power