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I think summer is a great time to discuss Christmas. With the holiday about six months away, maybe conversations about God-language, myth and the like can be held with less rancor and panic.

Here’s a link to an article I found a while back about arguments among Germans regarding God and gender. I’m posting this as a way to work up to a discussion about inclusive language at Christmas. Too bad there’s not a blanket of snow to smooth the ride. [grin] xmas tree god

The article: “For God’s Sake: Minister Crucified for Suggesting Gender-Neutral Almighty”

Quote: “Just in time for Christmas, Germany’s conservative Family Minister Kristina Schröder has sparked a contentious debate about the word most central to the Christian faith: God.”

and: “The CSU’s party whip in the federal parliament, Stefan Müller, also expressed irritation over the idea. ‘Independent of the fact that it’s Christmastime, I find it improper and am a bit astonished,’ he said.”

It takes so little to get some folks worked up, eh? Stay tuned for more summer Christmas fun!