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Time for a bit of humor! I’ve chosen the best of the spam comments to share with you. I always wonder about the non-English ones, especially those in Cyrillic, but I really can’t gauge their worthiness. Here are the top English (sortof) ones.

Honorable Mentions go to:

“I noticed all your important points.” (hmmm… wonder how many?)
“great post, I am interesting in it!” (Had to be from a guest poster, right? Ok, fess up!)

Third place tie:

“I tested out that yet again these days in addition to eventhough it worked, it took eternally to get this.”
“I honestly consider this site requires a great deal more consideration. I’ll oftimes be once again to read a great deal extra, appreciate your that information.”

At Second Place:

“We know about your site constantly along with We upstanding believed Identity place regarding continue the right develop!” (Easy for THEM to say!)

And the First Place winner:

“That’s reasons why it’s important that each child have his own very big beach towel.”childtowel

There you have it, friends and neighbors, the best of the spam comments so far.

Oh! I almost forgot! In the special “I’m speechless” category, was this priceless gem:
“penis traction devices”

Never let it be said that we don’t get into meaningful stuff around here.

Have a happy whatever you’re having,