Patriarchy as Idolatry

May 31, 2013

sarah over the moonI ran across a good article written by Sarah Moon. Here’s a quote and links to her blog.

Our images of God should challenge oppressive power structures, rather than simply providing a mirror for them to gaze into. Those images of God should free us to speak and to serve and to love, not simply entangle us further in the chains that society has already placed upon us.

When our images of God simply become a way of making God look just like oppressive men and husbands and fathers and kings and popes and pastors and white people, and, in turn, making those people look an awful lot like God, maybe we need to repent of our idolatry.

Looks like Sara is blogging at Patheos now.

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Louise Goueffic March 31, 2014 at 12:32 pm

Well, yes, god is a guy. It goes back 11,000 years when the Sumerians saw a mushroom resembling the erect penis as a SIGN that the phallus was Creator God. They made several short names naming the phallus Creator God. Since then all gods to the present contain these names of the phallus as Creator God.

Stop believing in god. God was invented, it has no power.

Fem and man as thinkers and doers have power. Do what is right to do: Break the patriarchal code.


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